National Notary Webinars Completed

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How Proposed Changes to Federal Regulations Affect Your Daily Operations 10/19/10

How to Avoid Costly Signing Process Errors and Build Loyalty with Your Clients 12/14/10

How to Detect and Prevent Real Property Fraud 03/15/2011

Signature by Mark 6/29/12

Understanding Notary Certificates and Seals. Vital Notary Know-How 7/27/12

The Importance of Personal Appearance 8/31/12

10 Steps to a Flawless Loan Signing 9/11/12

How to Reconcile Name Variations 10/4/12

ID Frud – A Notary Trap 10/20/12

A Guide to a Smooth Closing (Reverse Mortgages) 12/14/12

Commonly Asked Questions Webinar Series – Strange, Unusual and Bizarre Requests 1/25/13

Citibank “Eliminating Signing Agent Rejects- Hosted by Mortgage Connect, LP”  12/31/21014

“Wells Fargo Closing Guidelines Training- Hosted by Mortgage Connect LP” 2/9/15

Eliminating Signing Agent Rejects- Hosted by Mortgage Connect, LP  2/11/15